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Investigating With Probity

Contact us to learn more about our private investigation services.

We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultations. We would love to be of great help to you.

Important Decisions Require Reliable Information

Hawk Eye Investigating in Oregon City, Oregon provides private investigation services. Record keeping, discretion, and confidentiality are our earmarks. We help put the power of informed decision-making into your hands.

Our investigation services deliver security and peace of mind. We are here to protect your most important assets: your family, your business, yourself, or your clients.

Available in the states of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, our services include asset, background, corporate, domestic, and locate investigations. We also offer full services to attorneys.

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Contact Information

Hawk Eye Investigating

Licensed In Oregon & Alaska

2050 Beavercreek Road Suite #101-224

Oregon City, Oregon 97045
PO Box 22224 Anch AK 99502

Phone/Fax: 503-853-8694

Toll-Free: 888-253-0017 Ext. 101


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