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What our customers are saying

Darin took my case, after 17 months of frustration and exhausting all other options. Darin was effective, fare, compassionate, and actually treated my case, like it was his. Within a short period of time my case was brought to a swift resolution. I am forever grateful for what Darin accomplished for me and my family.

K M Collins  OR...
The Team at Hawk Eye Investigating are straight forward in the

work they do.  I was very impressed with the approach and the

final outcome of my case.  I would recommend them again tomorrow!

Thank you guy's!!

Jacob  E.  MS

"Hawk Eye have been our preferred private investigators for the last five years. I can certainly recommend them as being consummate professionals for all corporate investigation requirements."

Mr B .Richmond, WA

"Having had a less than satisfactory time with other private investigators, it was a real pleasure dealing with Hawk Eye

. They are exceptional at what they do and I found them to be very professional. They kept me informed every step of the way."

Larry C. Lasky , OR

“I hired Hawk Eye to locate someone. Darin went above and beyond to not only locate the person, but to confirm assets that will assist in my case. He was extremely thorough in his investigation and the information he gathered demonstrates that. The information he gathered for my case could potentially be life changing for me and I’m so grateful that I had Darin on my side! I would highly recommend Hawk Eye and I will absolutely hire Them again if the need arises. Thank you so very much!”

Debra N. Payne , AK

“I have tell you what a great job you and your team did on this assignment. You guys are the best!”

O. Rivas, AK

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